Pinot Noir

When you think of Pinot Noir most people think of the Old World first. Pinot Noir appeared in Burgundy around 6BC. Over one millennium, scholars, princes, soldiers, kings and Popes have traveled through the fabulous Cote d’ Or, drinking and hearing and dreaming about the great wines found there.

New World Pinot Noir is truly new, pushed by plantings in California in the 1990s. California’s mountains, climate and soil combine perfectly in the Russian River and Santa Maria valleys, making the two finest areas to grow Pinot Noir grapes.

Whether you prefer the lighter, earthier, more delicate wines of Burgundy, or the darker, bigger, more jammy Pinot Noirs from California, Pinot Noirs should always be soft and velvety. Aromas range from flowery, citrus orange in Burgundy, to dark ripe red cherries in California.

Pinot Noirs are extremely temperamental. They are susceptible to just about everything. One minute they are beautiful and open, and the next moody and closed. For this reason, they are the hardest wines to make. But, when everything hits, they are in a world all their own. That is why Row Eleven is fully focused on making Pinot Noir.

We want to make you Pinot Noirs that taste just right. We do not appreciate Pinot Noirs that are too thin or Pinot Noirs that are too over-extracted. We are a New World wine that finesses back to the Old. We believe our Pinot Noirs are just right.


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